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Esmeralda lives with passion and has taught me that with the strength and guidance of God, any dream no matter how big or small He puts in your heart will come to pass as long as you continue to take action.
~Christina Valenzuela

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08.17.19 Words That Resonate Talk Show

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Empowering Topics, Quotes & Messages From God's Word For A Confident & Successful Lifestyle


A Passionate Life


Esmeralda is passionate about motivating and empowering women to accomplish their dreams. She enjoys adding value to others by leading them to God's Word in order to secure their identity and beliefs so they can confidently live the brilliant life God created them to live. She also enjoys helping others overcome dread, fear and self limiting beliefs so they can move forward successfully. Being fully persuaded at God's Word was the key that took Esmeralda from a young single-mother, high school drop out, and addiction, to an accomplished and confident woman.  

Esmeralda says, "I am of the strong conviction that once women see their value they can seize their brilliance at home, work, and play."

Esmeralda's Mantra is "Be it unto you according to the Word!"

Transformational Speaker


Esmeralda believes in the power of God's Word to transform lives. Some of her favorite topics include: Intimacy with God, Identity, Confidence, Purpose, Success, Brilliance, Significance, Trust, Integrity, Courage, Victory.


Personal & Ministry Development


Leadership Development

As a John C. Maxwell Founding Partner, Esmeralda has proven resources and tools that will aid in your Leadership & Team Development.

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Esmeralda enjoys writing and teaches from much of her own material.  With busy lifestyles in mind, she writes Words That Resonate, which are short empowering topics, quotes, and messages that are sure to add value to one's busy day.

Her upcoming books include: My Life Is My Business - 7 Steps to Lead Your Life With Confidence and Words That Resonate Topical Book Series

In honor of women who have been affected by domestic violence, Esmeralda recently published Come Away With Me which is a writing journal filled with scripture inspiring intimacy with God. Proceeds from this writing journal go to sharing hope, healing & freedom with women. 

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Tap Into Your Brilliance With Esmeralda


Women on the go take time for Words That Resonate because they understand the power behind God's Word to help them tap into their brilliance!

Words That Resonate are short Empowering Topics, Quotes, and Messages written by Esmeralda.   

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God's Word convinces powerfully, converts powerfully, and comforts powerfully ~M.Henry

Be It Unto You According To The Word

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There is a cry for freedom that God hears. He desires to take you to a place of peace, safety, and restoration. As you travel through the pages of this journal you will hear the great affections of God's heart calling out, Come Away With Me. His invitation coupled with sure promises await your response. Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. Song of Solomon 2:10   Order your copy today and begin your personal writing journey in response to a scriptural invitation to freedom.

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I wanted to thank you Esmeralda for having a positive impact on my life. I enjoyed sitting in one of your meetings where you taught on team work, what it means to be a team player. Two things you said that stayed with me were. As a team player in the body of Christ ," we complete each other not compete with each other." The other statement was, " we shine, not me shine." Your words do resonate. Keep shining for him. ~ Lisa

Thank you! Esmerlda Barahona for being our Keynote speaker. The message you delivered was amazing and not only did the ladies receive healing from past wounds, they also left the meeting with hope for the future. I also was blessed with the way you brought forth your message with love and a caring heart for woman. Would love to have you come back again. ~ Pastor Rosie

Esmeralda, you are a true Life Coach. You have been in my life and helped coach me through some of my darkest times to see the brightest of days. You have encouraged me to push toward my dreams and goals and I am seeing the fruit of all of the above. THANK YOU! ~ Cathleen

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